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Castello di San Polo

The mediaeval Castello di San Polo stands in the middle of sun-drenched vineyards and vast hillsides with thick forests. One thousand years of tradition and an adjoining church create a unique ambience.


For centuries, the Chianti Classico was fought over by the rival state republics Siena and Florence. The Castello was a prized outpost of the Florentines, because of its strategically advantageous location. more

The Church of San Polo

The romantic parish church was built in the 11th century, its first roots date back even further. A perfectly sustained fresco cycle from the High Middle Ages decorate the central nave of the beautiful Pieve di San Polo. more

Rooms, Halls and Outdoor Area

The large, elegant rooms and outdoor area, as well as the professionally equipped kitchen make the Castello di San Polo in Rosso the perfect place even for larger events. more


Up until a few years ago, world-renowned wine was pressed in the Castello di San Polo. In addition to a full-bodied Chianti Clasico, the ‘Cetinaia’ was the top house wine. more


In between the soft hills of the Chianti, the Castello di San Polo stands 500 metres above sea level. Due to its unusual location between the cultural cities of Florence and Siena, it offers an ideal location for exploring Tuscany (Toscana). more


The area of the Chianti Classico with its vineyards, mediaeval villages and castles is seen a symbol of Tuscany. The Castello di San Polo in Rosso rises here in majestic ease above the vast landscape. more

Gallery Castello

The gallery gives you an impression of the fascinating enclosure of the Castello di San Polo in Rosso, its romantic church, as well as the surrounding vineyards and olive groves in the heart of the Chianti Classico. more


Your quieries or reservations will be sent directly to the Castello di San Polo in Rosso. You will receive a reply and further information as quickly as possible. more

Castello di San Polo in Rosso

Castello di San Polo
I-53013 Gaiole
Chianti Toscana






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