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Rooms, Halls and Outdoor Area

The large, elegant rooms and outdoor area, as well as the professionally equipped kitchen make the Castello di San Polo in Rosso the perfect place even for larger events.

Ambience and decor in the halls and courtyards are the deciding factor in planning upcoming events such as conferences, presentations, private concerts and weddings.

Stylish, Indoors and Out

The Castello di San Polo in Rosso doesn’t only impress with its historical past, but also with its majestic atmosphere and the variety of its stylishly decorated rooms.

Concert Hall

The air-conditioned concert hall in the ancient part of the castle is a bright room, which opens up to an inner and outer loggia, where refreshments are served during intermissions. more

Sala Stella

The largest hall in the Castello di San Polo has a gallery, where musicians will find an excellent stage. The bright room also contains open gallery seating and is technically equipped for presentations and seminars. more

Sala Gallo

The recently, rustically renovated rooms are ideal for cocktails or smaller celebrations and conferences in a private ambience. An antique stone watering place is a reminder of the earlier designation of the Sala Gallo and adds to its unique flair. more


Breakfast, dine, meet and celebrate under the mediaeval 12th century arches in the Merenda. The long, rustic yet elegant table for up to 12 people fits perfectly into the beautiful room. more


The vine covered, high walls of the Castello di San Polo surround the courtyard from all sides. Decorated with an ancient well and balcony by the master builders, it forms a central location of the castle. more

Catering Kitchen

The professionally equipped kitchen of the Castello di San Polo in Rosso was installed in a central location inside the castle. This way, every hall and outdoor area is within short reach allowing the best service to be provided. more

Recording studio

The Officina della Musica’s professional recording studio allows for high quality CD recordings to be made. The facility, which is installed in the Castello di San Polo in Rosso can be rented by professionals. more

The Church of San Polo

The romantic parish church was built in the 11th century, its first roots date back even further. A perfectly sustained fresco cycle from the High Middle Ages decorate the central nave of the beautiful Pieve di San Polo. more

Gallery Rooms and Halls

The unique atmosphere of the premises of San Polo cannot be captured in pictures, here you can only gain an impression of the atmosphere of the rooms as well as the outdoor area. more


Your quieries or reservations will be sent directly to the Castello di San Polo in Rosso. You will receive a reply and further information as quickly as possible. more

Pricing and Details

Further details on the facilities and prices can be found here.