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The area of the Chianti Classico with its vineyards, mediaeval villages and castles is seen a symbol of Tuscany (Toscana). The Castello di San Polo in Rosso rises here in majestic ease above the vast landscape.

Famous cultural towns and diverse artistic treasures can be found in the vicinity of the castle.

Art Metropolis Florence

Florence lies approximately one hour north of the Castello di San Polo, the birthplace of the Renaissance. No other place in the world has so many magnificent artistic treasures in such a close proximity.

The amount of unique architecture in the styles of the gothic and renaissance periods, world famous museums and gardens, seems almost unreal.

Siena – Gothic and Palio

Who could miss the charm of this introspective city, where time seems to have stood still?

The buildings of Siena shimmer in the sunshine about 30 minutes south of the castle, Italian gothic defines the architecture.

Siena is the location of the Palio, one of the most famous and toughest horse races in Europe with a long tradition and full of emotion.

The Skyline of San Gimignano

San Gimignano, with its breathtaking silhouette is one of the mostly visited towns in Tuscany. The towers of the noble families jut into the sky as hisoric status symbols.

The town can be reached within 45 minutes from the Castello di San Polo in Rosso.

Wine Location Radda in Chianti

Just eight kilometres separate the castle from the attractive wine location Radda in Chianti and its mediaeval centre.

Schöne Atmosphäre im Chianti ClassicoThe central Piazza Ferrucci, winding lanes and alleys give the town a lot of charm.

Gaiole in Chianti

Protected by important castles such as the Castello di San Polo, Gaiole in Chianti grew to be one of the most important marketplaces in the middle ages.

Situated only six kilometres from the castle, Gaiole did not require city walls. Today the town presents itself as spacious, with ample shopping opportunities.

Lecchi in Chianti and Poggio a San Polo

A cypress-lines path leads through magnificent olive groves, from the castle to the town of Lecchi, only three kilometres away. Here Paolo and Palmira offer you a selection of groceries, tuscan dishes and wonderful wine, in their traditional shop.

The village of Poggio a San Polo is only one kilometre away- the rustic trattoria is worth a visit.