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Up until a few years ago, world-renowned wine was pressed in the Castello di San Polo. In addition to a full-bodied Chianti Clasico, the ‘Cetinaia’ was the top house wine.

The traditional vine varieties such as Sangiovese and Caniolo form the basis of the Castello di San Polo’s wines, which are generally matured in typically large barrels of the region.

The Chianti Classico especially and in good years also the Riserva, were pressed by traditional means.

Chianti Classico and Cetinaia

The exceptional quality of the Sangiovese grape, which is used in San Polo for the Cetinaia, is only reached in particularly good years. The cetinaia from 1986 is considered one of the best wines of the Chianti area.

Leased vineyards

Nowadays the castle’s vineyards are leased to regional winemakers. The perfectly cultivated vines make both lessee and owner proud and produce as ever, exceptional wines.