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These captured impressions give you a visual glimpse into the Castello di San Polo in Rosso and its exclusive holiday domiciles. They reflect the atmosphere of this antique cultural spot.

Gallery Castello

The gallery gives you an impression of the fascinating enclosure of the Castello di San Polo in Rosso, its romantic church, as well as the surrounding vineyards and olive groves in the heart of the Chianti Classico. more

Gallery Holiday

Enjoy the impressions of a holiday in a rural, elegant ambience. The photographs give you an insight into the stylishly and carefully restored holiday apartments and holiday homes of the Castello. more

Gallery Musica

The rooms and events of the Officina della musica in the castello are exceptionally fascinating. The impressions of the synergy festival and classical music concerts, organised in San Polo, show the unique atmosphere. more

Gallery Events in San Polo

The impressions in the photo gallery reflect the stylish ambience and unique atmosphere of the events which are held in the mediaevil Castello di San Polo, to the backdrop of perfect scenery. more


Your quieries or reservations will be sent directly to the Castello di San Polo in Rosso. You will receive a reply and further information as quickly as possible. more

Castello di San Polo in Rosso

Castello di San Polo
I-53013 Gaiole
Chianti Toskana






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