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The Officina della Musica supports professionally and artistically excellent musicians. An elegant music hall with a concert piano, the mediaeval courtyard with fascinating acoustics and the church of San Polo are all available for first-class concerts.

Interested companies and professional musicians have the option of using the musical equipment in the Castello di San Pollo as well as recording CDs in the adjacent professional music studio.

The Musicians

For many years the Officina della Musica has supported especially talented, Russian musicians.It wishes to offer them the chance of becoming better known in the Central European countries. more


The discography gives you an overview of the classical music CDs released by the Officina della Musica under its own label. Understand it to be a selection of the latest CD-productions of these outstanding musicians. more

Recording studio

The Officina della Musica’s professional recording studio allows for high quality CD recordings to be made. The facility, which is installed in the Castello di San Polo in Rosso can be rented by professionals. more

Music productions

You would like to produce a CD for your own personal use or for your company? The Officina della Musica in the Chianti Classico produces professional recordings for you and offers complete service. more

Gallery Musica

The rooms and events of the Officina della musica in the castello are exceptionally fascinating. The impressions of the synergy festival and classical music concerts, organised in San Polo, show the unique atmosphere. more


Your quieries or reservations will be sent directly to the Castello di San Polo in Rosso. You will receive a reply and further information as quickly as possible. more

Castello di San Polo in Rosso

Castello di San Polo
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