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The discography gives you an overview of the classical music CDs released by the Officina della Musica under its own label. Understand it to be a selection of the latest CD-productions of these outstanding musicians.

Nevà Trio – Schubert Klaviertrio

Schubert’s famous piano trio op. 100, integral version with all recurrences, played by the Nevà Trio.

The Seasons – Two CDs

12 piano pieces for every month of the year, played by Igor Uryash and a world-first recording for piano trio by A. Gedike (Moscow) played by the Nevà Trio.

Igor Uryash & Ilia Ioff

Works of Mozart, Brahms, Tartini, de Sarasate played by Ilia Ioff (Violin) and Igor Uryash(Piano).

Alexei Massarski & Igor Uryash

Works of Brahms, Chopin, Schostakowitsch, Rachmaninow, Schtschedrin played by Alexei Massarski (Violoncello) and Igor Uryash (Pianoforte).

Ensemble Sampolo

Igor Stravinsky, Bela Bartok, Aram Chatschaturjan, Alban Berg played by the Ensemble Sampolo: Alexander Bachl (Clarinet), Ilia Ioff (Violin) and Igor Uryash (Piano).

Igor Uryash

Beethoven, Schumann, Rachmaninow, Tanejew, Schostakowitsch played by Igor Uryash -Piano.

Igor Uryash – Lullabies

Lullabies of international classical composers played by Igor Uryash – Piano.

Children’s pieces

Unparalleled collection of international compositions for or about children, by Igor Uryash- Piano.

Igor Uryash (Piano)

Igor Uryash plays Classical Waltzes.

Igor Uryash – Chopin – ‘for you’

Igor Uryash plays Chopin ‘just for you’.

Igor Uryash – Russian Gypsy-Romances

Russian Gypsy-romances, collected and played by Igor Uryash – Piano.

The Seasons Artist’s Portfolio

“The Seasons” by Tchaikovsky and four serigraphs by Piero Dorazio.

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Alexander Bachl


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The Seasons Artist’s Portfolio

“Die Jahreszeiten” von Tchaikovsky und vier Serigraphien von Piero Dorazio. Limitierte Auflage 200 Stück. Preis: nach Anfrage. Weitere Infos finden Sie hier.