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The Musicians

For many years the Officina della Musica has supported especially talented, Russian musicians.It wishes to offer them the chance of becoming better known in the Central European countries.

For this reason, the Officina della Musica organises chamber concerts in the church, in the mediaeval courtyard with its magical acoustics and in the concert hall of the Castello di San Polo in Rosso, in addition to various concerts throughout Italy and abroad.

Nevà Trio

The Officina della Musica represents the Saint Petersburg Nevà Trio and its members as soloists in Central Europe for concerts, recordings, contracts and futher needs.

In addition to the three Russian musicians of the Nevà Trio from Saint Petersburg, the clarinettist Alexander Bachl can be heard regularly at concerts organised by the Officina della Musica.

The four soloists founded the Ensemble Sampolo in 2002.

Ilia Ioff (Violin)

‘Merited Artist of Russia’- Ilia Ioff is the artistic director of the National String Orchestra’s divertissement, Professor at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Music, a member of the Nevà Trio and gives concerts internationally with renowned musicians. more

Igor Uryash (Pianoforte)

Igor Uryash teaches at the St. Petersburg Academy of Music, his pianistic skill can be heard in concerts throughout the world. He appears as a soloist, an accompanist, as well as in chamber orchestras and with renowned symphony orchestras. more

Alexei Massarski (Violoncello)

The cellist and professor Alexei Massarski won international awards after completing his training. He plays first string in the USA and South Korea. Alexei Massarski gives concerts as a soloist, as part of a duet, as well as with renowned orchestras. more

Alexander Bachl (Clarinet)

Alexander Bachl has been the solo clarinettist in the National Philharmonic Orchestra Hamburg Since 1997 and Professor at the University of Music and Theatre in Hamburg since 2004. more