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Igor Uryash (Pianoforte)

Igor Uryash teaches at the St. Petersburg Academy of Music, his pianistic skill can be heard in concerts throughout the world. He appears as a soloist, an accompanist, as well as in chamber orchestras and with renowned symphony orchestras.

Igor Uryash was born in 1965 in Saint Petersburg. He visited the special music school of the St. Petersburg Academy of Music, where his educators were Elena Hinitz and Asja Rubina.

Famous instructors

He continued his studies at the St. Petersburg Academy of Music, where Anatol Ugorski was one of his teachers. After completing his studies in 1988, he perfected his pianistic education with the “Folk artist of Russia’s” Prof. Tatjana Kravchenko.

In 1991, Igor Uryash won the first prize at the Vercelli Chamber Ensemble Viotti competition in Italy, in the chamber instrumentation Saint-Peters-Trio.

International concerts

Igor Uryash has given concerts in Russia, in most European countries, in the USA, Turkey and in the Far East.

As a soloist he has played with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the St. Petersburg National Cappella, the Orchestra of the Maryinski Theater, the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, the Lithuanin Chamber Orchestra, the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, the Dutch Royal-Marines-Cappella and the Belgrade Philharmonic.

Partners of Igor Uryash

His partners have been:

The conductors V. Gergiev, P. Kogan, A. Dmitriev, S. Sondetzkis, V. Tchernushenko, M. Inoue, H.-D. Resch, U. Lajovic;

The violinists M. Vengerov, V. Tretjakov, S. Stadler; die Cellisten: M. Rostropovitch, B. Pergamenschikov; the composers A. Petrov, S. Slonymsky, G. Kortschmar, D. Tolstoi, B. Tischenko.

Igor Uryash is a member of the Nevà-Trio and the St. Petersburg Chamber Players.