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Ilia Ioff (Violine)

‘Merited Artist of Russia’- Ilia Ioff is the artistic director of the National String Orchestra’s divertissement, Professor at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Music, a member of the Nevà Trio and gives concerts internationally with renowned musicians.

Ilia Ioff was born in 1966 in Saint Petersburg. From a young age he was taught to play violin by his father. At the age of seven, Ilia had his first public performance.

Violin in St. Petersburg

He visited the special music school for the gifted in St. Petersburg, continued his education at the St. Petersburg Academy of music, completing his studies there in 1991.

In 1988 Ilia Ioff won the beneficiary prize at the ARD competition in Munich, and in 1991 the first prize at the Vercelli Chamber Ensemble Viotti Competition in Italy.

Carreer as a solist

In 1989, Ilia Ioff became a member of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, which he left in 1996 to concentrate fully on his solo-career.

He can be heard in many European Countries, Turkey and South Korea in concerts with renowned orchestras, as well as with soloists such as Martha Argerich, Julian Milkis and Sergej Stadler.