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Recording studio

The Officina della Musica’s professional recording studio allows for high quality CD recordings to be made. The facility, which is installed in the Castello di San Polo in Rosso can be rented by professionals.

Dimensions and technical details

Room size

Width: 2,25m
Length: 4,55m
Height: 2,70m


The neighbouring church can be used as a live-hall-chamber. Speaker and microphone cables are installed. Cables for ambience microphones are suspended from the ceiling (approx. 6m from the stage).




Installed above the stage, provides observation on a 51cm monitor.


Talkback is at hand

In the concert hall

Piano, Steinway-D concert piano, built 1998

Further information

more Informationen finden Sie here.


Your quieries or reservations will be sent directly to the Castello di San Polo in Rosso. You will receive a reply and further information as quickly as possible. more